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Browser Extension Vulnerability Report

Discovery and fix of a recent vulnerability 5 September 2019

Google verified for Gmail API use

Google verified for Gmail API use12 July 2019

FlowCrypt lands proper UTF8 support

FlowCrypt lands proper UTF8 unicode support for international languages and characters.31 October 2018

FlowCrypt is safe from Efail attacks

FlowCrypt is safe from Efail attacks14 May 2018

FlowCrypt Email Encryption App for Android released as a Public Beta

FlowCrypt Email Encryption App for Android released as a Public Beta 8 February 2018

About FlowCrypt Attester (PGP Public Key Server)

The ability to automatically search public keys helps creating a seamless encryption experience across platforms 8 November 2017

CryptUp is now called FlowCrypt

CryptUp Email Encryption plugin is now called FlowCrypt13 October 2017

Setting up global infrastructure

Our efforts to make encryption available around the globe, across privacy ecosystem10 October 2017

FlowCrypt PGP App for Android

Android is ready for beta testing16 July 2017

Encrypted Contact Page on FlowCrypt

You can now receive PGP messages on the web from anyone. Messages and files will be automatically encrypted before it's sent to you. 6 June 2017

FlowCrypt for Firefox! Planning Android, iOS, Outlook

FlowCrypt now supports Firefox browser. Android and iOS is also planned this year.18 April 2017

PGP Signatures in Gmail

Other than encrypting email and attachments, FlowCrypt now lets you add cryptographic signatures and verify them conveniently in Gmail. Also works with G Suite. 3 March 2017

FlowCrypt just got a paid feature for free

You can now send encrypted attachments to anyone, regardless if they have any encryption set up. It's a free paid feature. 3 February 2017

FlowCrypt is the simplest PGP encryption for Gmail

It used to be that email encryption was difficult and confusing. Not anymore. Let's see how FlowCrypt changes it and how you can use it to enhance your privacy.10 December 2016