Encrypted Contact Page on FlowCrypt

Have you ever tried to receive messages and documents securely from people who just don’t care?

Getting all of our clients or friends to start using encryption may not be realistic (yet).

But starting today, you can set up an Encrypted Contact Page on FlowCrypt. Your page will reside on a link similar to this: https://flowcrypt.com/me/tom (feel free to test it out and let us know your thoughts).

Any message or files that people submit will be encrypted within their browser, before it is sent to your email. Because this process uses end-to-end encryption (secured with PGP), you will be the only person who can read the contents of these messages.

Any messages and files up to 5MB will always be free. You can get a trial for Advanced account to receive files larger than 5MB.

To enable this, download and set up FlowCrypt if you haven’t already. You will see a red “Encrypted Contact Page” indicator in FlowCrypt Settings.

Just turn this on and you’re all set.