FlowCrypt is safe from Efail attacks

The team at Efail recently published findings about vulnerabilities that affect some PGP email clients: EFF warning, efail website.

In response, the OpenPGP community has been testing their software and providing patches. Some implementations were not vulnerable, others have since released security patches, or provided workarounds so that their users are not affected.

As for FlowCrypt, we released a software update within six hours of the announcement.

If you use our Android app, check for updates in the Google Play Store. The Chrome and Firefox extensions will update automatically. You can double check that you are on version 5.4.8 or higher in the FlowCrypt Settings. If your extension has not updated, please make sure that you have not disabled updates (if so, re-enable them). If the extension still has not updated, then you can un-install and re-install the latest version, as a way to make sure that you are updated.