About FlowCrypt Attester (PGP Public Key Server)

A crucial part of encryption is distribution of so-called public keys. As a FlowCrypt user, you usually don’t have to worry about this, because everything happens automatically for you. Yet this infrastructure (and similar systems) is the backbone of why FlowCrypt works as seamlessly as it does.

Every time that you want to send an encrypted message to someone new, Attester will tell FlowCrypt exactly how to encrypt messages for that person.

When this happens, in addition Attester’s own verified records, it will search public keys on:

This makes our Attester the most complete PGP public key database that we know of.

Additionally, FlowCrypt Attester is compatible with other software. Enigmail, GPG, Mailvelope or other users can add attester.flowcrypt.com as a keyserver in their settings. This will allow them to easily retrieve Public Keys of FlowCrypt users and everyone else.

If you are a developer and want to improve your software, feel free to use our API.

Your feedback is welcome at human@flowcrypt.com