FlowCrypt is the simplest PGP encryption for Gmail

As far as we know, it truly is. If you know any easier/more intuitive solution, please send us a link.

We created FlowCrypt because privacy is such a basic thing that it should not require any effort whatsoever. End-to-end encryption should be the norm. We all wish Google just did this. They won’t – your privacy is not compatible with their business model. We waited long years for someone to create a plugin like this, but nobody did.

Let’s see how FlowCrypt does it.

Just Gmail - now encrypted

FlowCrypt adds a new button in Gmail called SECURE COMPOSE. It lets you send encrypted emails to anyone. Just click this button, write your message, and send it.


The message will get encrypted inside of your browser, on your own computer. It will leave your computer encrypted in a way that only you and your recipient can open.

It doesn’t matter who you’re writing to; it doesn’t matter if they have FlowCrypt, other PGP software, or never heard of encryption in their life. They will get your encrypted message. Those who do have encryption set up will open it as usual, while others will have to enter a password provided by you to decrypt the message. Get these folks to install FlowCrypt as well. Again, encryption should not require any effort; and having FlowCrypt on both sides of the communication will accomplish this.

receiving PGP encrypted messages on gmail

View messages, reply, add more people to the conversation, forward – all of the things that you would need.

Let’s look at attachments. There’s not much to it – they get encrypted on your end and only decrypted in your friends’ browser, with no one (and no thing) taking a peek in between.

Sending encrypted attachments on Gmail

There are additional cool things to show, which is what our follow-up articles will be about.

This is just the beginning

We are very happy that the response to FlowCrypt has been so positive. We are very grateful for the support and feedback we had from our first users. You guys are awesome.

The road to perfection is a long one. In the meanwhile, go ahead and give encryption a chance. You can find FlowCrypt on the Chrome Web Store.