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What FlowCrypt settings to use for maximum security?

Hello, I'm in a situation where I need to use the maximum security possible. What should I do?

What you want is this:

1) have a very strong pass phrase. it should be 20 characters long at a minimum.

2) choose "always require pass phrase to open encrypted messages"

3) when messaging people who don't use FlowCrypt, add a sufficiently strong password that you can communicate to them in some other way (a phone call, or WhatsApp)

4) use a full disk encryption on your device with a strong password

5) eventually move off US based email services

6) Linux, or at least a Mac, may be a better choice compared to windows

7) very strong passcode on your phone (I use an alphanumeric password)

8) use two factor authentication on all of your online accounts (to receive a text with a code every time you wan to log in, or use Google Authenticator or Authy)

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