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Setting up FlowCrypt on another device - forgot pass phrase

I'm setting up FlowCrypt on another computer and I do not know/remember what my pass phrase is.

For your information, on the first computer that I installed FlowCrypt, Chrome works fine.

Here is the question:

Is it possible to make it work both for Firefox and Chrome? Is it possible to make it work for both computers?

Definitely. You can make it work in both Chrome and Firefox, on both computers.

Go to the computer and browser where it works. Go to FlowCrypt Settings -> Security and change the pass phrase, then you will be prompted to do a new backup that uses the new pass phrase.

After that, close the tab on the new computer and try to set up FlowCrypt again (on the new computer). You'll be able to use the new pass phrase.

I set the new pass phrase and make it work on my second computer.


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