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Using FlowCrypt Keyserver from other software

Just checking out the product in Firefox. Love it!

I had a quick question. Have you thought anymore about the ability to add a keyserver(s) or access to the FlowCrypt keyserver with other software? I've been showing it around but a lot of my colleges are die-hard outlook fans and use encryptomatic. Any way to put one of the other key servers into cryptup or access the cryptup keyserver in encryptomatic would be great. We generally use the mit server.

Thanks again for an awesome product.

There's a way to make FlowCrypt's Attester pretend that it's a MIT-like server (return results in the same format) so that other can add it as a server in their software. Definitely planning this.

Until then, peple using other software can look up public keys here if necessary: FlowCrypt Attester Lookup.

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