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Setting up global infrastructure

In FlowCrypt, same as other PGP software, most of the magic happens on user's devices - messages get encrypted before leaving your device and decrypted all the way at the receiving end (recipient's device).

Still, some amount of servers and other infrastructure is needed. For example, the first time you email a new person, FlowCrypt will check with our server (we call it Attester) to see if the person you are writing uses encryption and how exactly to encrypt messages for them.

Historically, we've had servers in a single location. At times, it would get slow for users who are geographically far from our servers. We want to make FlowCrypt available to everyone throughout the world and are rolling out servers in additional locations to reflect where our users are:

This covers North America and Europe, and will greatly improve user experience for users on these continents. This will be completed in the coming weeks.

Additionally, in Q2 2018, we hope to expand our infrastructure further - we are evaluating loacations in Australia, Singapore, Japan, France and South America.

Soon, we will be publishing more details about FlowCrypt's Attester, so that users of other software (Enigmail, GPGMail, GPG4o, Mailvelope and more) and their developers can take advantage of FlowCrypt's infrastructure. We hope that this will improve the whole privacy ecosystem, allowing encryption tools to work seamlessly together.

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