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What is the purpose of the keywords and fingerprint?

Thanks for the email. I do have a question. What is the purpose of the keywords and fingerprint? Thanks!

It's useful as an additional layer of security for people who want to cross-check it.

When you use secure compose and you enter someone's email, you can hover over it to see their KeyWords. You could then get them on a phone to confirm that the KeyWords you see are the same as the KeyWords they see in their settings. With this, you can 100% verify that it will be encrypted for the right key.

Same for Fingerprint. Most software prefers to work with Fingerprints, but it's a bit tedious to cross-check (a lot of numbers).

Another way to confirm this is to send them a non-sensitive encrypted email without cross-checking, then call them to confirm they can open it. If they can, that means it was encrypted for the right key, and you can follow with the real message.

Lastly, when I hover over your email in secure compose, it says "Attested by FlowCrypt". That means FlowCrypt has already verified the ownership of your keys for that email, and I don't really have to verify the KeyWords/Fingerprints when writing you, unless I want to be extra paranoid.

Hope this helps.

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