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Verifying fingerprints or KeyWords of my contacts

Love your product.

I'm currently using FlowCrypt and learning about pgp and I have a question. When I enter an email address into the secure email composer form in gmail it searches for a moment and then turns green with an accompanying lock symbol, but is there anyway to confirm that I am using the proper public key/fingerprint/keyword of the person I want to send the email to?

I know their public key and fingerprint but I can't find where to check that I am using the correct persons public key before sending the email, so I feels like I am sending it blindly with whatever public key you found. Thanks for your help!

When their email address turns green in Secure Compose, you can hover over it.

If they don't use FlowCrypt, you will see their fingerprint. If they use FlowCrypt, you will see their KeyWords (same thing represented differently).

This allows you to cross-check the fingerprints if you need to.

Additionally, if it says "Attested by CRYPTUP", that means we independently verified ownership of their keys - making sure that the person who controls the email address is the same person who controls the keys.

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